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At Premier Piano Products, we produce high quality custom key sets that are built to last a century. We are a direct supplier to piano technicians. Manufactured in our 8000 sq ft Iowa facility, we provide affordable service and international shipping. 


The skill level in restorations today is amazing. In recent decades the rebuilding community has progressed to routine pinblock and soundboard replacement, case part duplication, showroom finishes, and action protocols that rival freshly manufactured pianos. 

We at Premier Piano Products want to advance the restoration capabilities of small to large shops even further with modestly priced custom keysets. When you realize the net cost increase for a new keyset over rehabilitating an old keyset, the value to the rebuilt is significant. To have a rebuild that looks like new and sounds like new is wonderful.  Now the last hurdle, touch with TOTAL action replacement: New keysets. 

We use CNC machining for scribing the cut lines on the keyboard panel, and for drilling the balance and front rail holes. The keys are cut apart using a top quality bandsaw with .045” gap between key heads.  

Premier Piano Keysets are now offered to the trade. We rebuild as you do. We know the importance of reasonable pricing and predictable turnaround; 6 weeks for our sets. One of our recent sets was on display at the 2018 PTG Convention in Pennsylvania. Very high commendations were given to us by Dale Erwin, David Hughes and Cunningham Piano of Philadelphia, among others. We use the existing frame so the set will slide right in and be ready to go; no fiddling and tweaking. To encourage your first pinblock(s) order, a $50 shipping credit will be applied to each panel. 


  • Steinway Model S, M, L, O: $2,710
  • Steinway Model A and B: $3,150
  • Steinway Model C and D: $3,350

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How It Works

How it works:  For optimal duplication and geometric enhancements, send us your keys, frame and action stack with six guides (repetitions, hammer shanks, and hammers of the parts you plan to use).  We will send you a crate if you wish. Premier will cut the keyset in Sitka spruce or American linden, your choice with new keytops and sharps (ebony will be extra), capstans (brass or Wessell Nickle Gross), backchecks, bushed and new keyframe pins and felts.  If you wish we can add a basic lead package. The keys will be leveled to the industry standard or your prescription.

Premier pricing includes keysticks in Stika spruce or American linden (your choice), rock maple balance and front rail insets, keypins, capstans, backchecks,  keytops and plastic sharps, and leveled.  We do not do ivory keytops but can supply the keystick without plastic tops for another service to complete.   Turn around is 6-8 weeks from receipt of your keyframe, keys and action stack and guides. 

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