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At Premier Piano Products, we produce high quality, traditional 5 ply pinblocks at an affordable rate. 

Our pinblock panels are 24 to 25 inches wide -- not 17 inches. Our panels have enough size to cut four small Steinway blocks or two B’s and one D block from the same panel. There is minimal waste -  the best value on the market. We have recently introduced our 5 ply block for those who prefer a more traditional style. Remember, you will get 3-4 blocks out of our panel, not just two. We are less expensive per panel AND the panel will give up to double the number of blocks compared to the 17 inch wide panel.

We are a direct supplier to piano technicians. Manufactured in our 8000 sq ft Iowa facility, we provide affordable service and international shipping. 

Our products are used to restore all pianos, particularly: Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha and more.

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